Channel Islands 2-REG Registry

Aircraft Servicing Guernsey work closely with the 2 Reg, and is the first organisation to proudly hold a 2- Maintenance Organisation Validation Certificate.

With the arrival of the new local aircraft registry, it made perfect sense for ASG to work closely with 2 Reg team in the launch of the registry. Already, ASG have moved three aircraft onto the register for it's launch. We also helped the 2 Reg team in creating maintenance programme samples, and have had the oppurtunity to work closely with the group in it's form and creation.

ASG are the first organisation to hold a Maintenance Approval for aircraft on the register, and endeavour to provide a ‘one-stop shop' for owners with their aircraft on the 2- register or those who are looking to switch, including induction onto the register, registration marks and of course providing a quality maintenance service based 40 yards away from the registry's office.

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What is 2-Reg?

2-REG, the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry, is the aircraft registry of the States of Guernsey. The nationality mark is ‘2’ followed by four letters, allowing for attractive registration marks.

Why 2-Reg?

2-REG is particularly attractive to owners, operators and asset managers of business aircraft, as well as aircraft lessors. 2-REG delivers high quality service and a customer oriented registry in a tax friendly environment.


The registry is open to aircraft not currently used for commercial air transport:
Turbine-powered aircraft above 2,700 kg based anywhere in the world, turbine-powered helicopters based anywhere in the world, general aviation aircraft.


All regulations concerning the Channel Islands Aviation Registry have been approved and published by the Director of Civil Aviation in Guernsey. They can be found in the public domain.

How Does 2-REG Work ?

A 2-REG aircraft may only be flown with a valid airworthiness certificate. This is based on a Type Acceptance Certificate (TAC), which in turn is based on Type Certificates from three aviation jurisdictions in the world: EASA, FAA and Canada. 2-REG applies the ‘follow TC’ concept; once you have chosen a host Type Certificate jurisdiction for the individual aircraft, you must stay with it. The AFM, ADs, modifications, repairs, etc., must all be based on the chosen host jurisdiction.

For residents of the Channel Islands, 2-REG is the ideal registry for general aviation aircraft.
The registry’s office at Guernsey Airport and the customer-focused team ensure easy access and logistical convenience.
Moreover, 2-REG offers attractive fees.
For corporate aircraft owners, 2-REG offers flexible and tailor-made fees in a tax-friendly jurisdiction. But the advantages don’t end there.
To support business jet owners outside the scope of the registry, the Channel Islands have an extensive network of financial and corporate service providers.

What are the benefits of having my aircraft on the 2 Reg?

Of course, many aircraft owners will ponder the question of why they should think about moving over to the register.
Many aircraft owners in europe are bound by strict regulations requiring maintenance bases to comply with manufacturer recommended requirements, where as within the US/FAA system, the owner has total control of his maintenance. He has the option to decline tasks under an approved maintenance bases guidance, such as calendar lifed components and service bulletins.

The Channel Island Aircraft Registry has adopted it's regulations similarly. As you, the aircraft owner, are in control of your maintenance on your aeroplane, engineering bases like ASG can provide you with a list of findings/requirements and you as the owner can accept or decline these items. Of course, any airworthiness related tasks such as AD's and Chapter 4 items will have to be carried out as per the Manufacturers requirements.
As well as this, the Channel Island Aircraft Registry also accept both EASA/CAA and FAA flying license validations.

Worldwide network of inspectors to perform airworthiness surveys at your convenience.
Registrations available out of sequence, so you can personalise your mark.
The Registry accept 3 important type certification jurisdictions (Europe/EASA, US/FAA, and Canada/TC).
An IS-BAO approval satisfies the Complex General Aviation approval requirement.
Pragmatic regulations allow for easy compliance.


  • King Air 90 owner
    King Air 90 owner
    I always choose ASG for handling in Guernsey, because they are very friendly, it feels like I’m coming home! Nothing is too much trouble and on the odd occasion my aircraft has maintenance issues whilst I’m there, the engineers are very quick to sort things out and get me on my way. Bravo ASG!
  • PA46 Malibu owner
    PA46 Malibu owner
    ASG are very experienced on all Piper models, they maintained my previous aircraft before I traded up to my latest Mirage. I always get clear, detailed reports on what work needs doing along with cost estimates, before I commit to the work being done, which gives me peace of mind and enables me to budget ahead.
  • Commander 114 owner
    Commander 114 owner
    ASG are easily the most experienced Commander maintenance company outside the USA. No wonder there are so many Commanders in their hangars when I visit them for maintenance – I simply would not trust anyone else with my aircraft, having used them for the last 5 annual inspections.
  • SR22T owner
    SR22T owner
    I flew my Cirrus from Europe to ASG in Guernsey to have the CAPS replaced because they have a good reputation for fast, efficient service. I was not disappointed as they completed the work in 2 days at a fixed price that I was very happy with.
  • SR22 owner
    SR22 owner
    I’ve had my Cirrus maintained by ASG for the past 4 years, since it was new and I’m always impressed with their detailed knowledge of the aircraft and it’s systems. ASG have really looked after me and my aircraft, which still looks as fresh as when it was built.


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