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Aircraft maintenance inspections and annual inspections for all type of Cirrus aircraft.


We have direct links to great Propeller Overhaul shops. We can get your propeller into the shop in a couple of days from your aircraft arriving at ASG.


We provide ALL factory parts for any type of Cirrus aircraft. From a decal to an engine, we can supply any part.


Call us or even better send us an e-mail with your details and we can have an estimate for free.

Cirrus CAPS Repacks

We are a very experienced, Cirrus authorised CAPS repack centre, able to complete this vital task in 2 days with a pre agreed booking.


ASG is based on the tax-free island of Guernsey so using our services will save you a great deal on the long run.


Is your engine coming up on TBO?  We have fitted hundreds of new, factory reconditioned and re-engineered aircraft engines.


We are Garmin and Aspen dealers and we provide complete installations and support.


We provide Warranty Work for all Cirrus aircraft types.

Cirrus Parts Servicing and Maintenance

ASG is an approved Cirrus Service Centre

ASG has specialist Cirrus engineers holding IA and A&P’s plus training on type, available to undertake any Cirrus maintenance tasks, large or small. We are the largest VAT free Cirrus service centre in Europe and are experts in CAPS repacks which can be completed in 2 days subject to prior arrangement.

We also undertake warranty work in close cooperation with the Cirrus factory, ensuring that you are only charged for the items not under warranty.

We provide ALL factory parts for Cirrus aircraft. From a decal to an engine, we can supply any part.

ASG is a Trusted Service Partner of Cirrus Aircraft UK Limited and has worked closely with them for many years on all aspects of acquisition, management and maintenance of these great aircraft.

Want a experienced, friendly team and high standard of maintenance for your aeroplane, with VAT free parts and labour? 

Give us a Call: (+44) 1481 265750

Cirrus aircraft repairs

Cirrus CAPS Repacks

Cirrus CAPS Repacks and Overhauls: Since becoming a Cirrus CAPS Repack Service Centre in 2011, ASG has undertaken more re-packs than any other organisation in Great Britain and has one of the largest market shares of the CAPS repack market in the world.

Cirrus Service Centre: We are also proud to announce that as a Cirrus Service Centre, we have performed the most CAPS repacks in Europe, and are welcoming Generation 2 owners to look into us as their preferred CAPS repack centre.

Download Cirrus Retrofit CAPS FAQ


SR22 owner

I’ve had my Cirrus maintained by ASG for the past 4 years, since it was new and I’m always impressed with their detailed knowledge of the aircraft and it’s systems. ASG have really looked after me and my aircraft, which still looks as fresh as when it was built.

SR22 owner



SR22T owner

I flew my Cirrus from Europe to ASG in Guernsey to have the CAPS replaced because they have a good reputation for fast, efficient service. I was not disappointed as they completed the work in 2 days at a fixed price that I was very happy with.

SR22T owner


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