Avionics Project Showcase

Commander 114B G500, GTN750/650

This avionics retrofit was carried out at the end of December 2012. Comprising of a Garmin G500 Dual Screen display and a stack consisting of a Garmin GTN750 and Garmin GTN650, this modification was carried out with a brand new CAD designed instrument panel with scope for further expansion in the future.

With previous custom designed instrument panels for the Commander, we have removed the separate engine instrument panel in favour of a ‘one-piece’ panel. Because this aircraft is British registered, the EDM930 could not be added to this aircraft at the current time due to certification. When this becomes available we can just remove the current engine instrument panel and insert a pre-made plate for the EDM930.

Taking consideration of further modifications in the future, this aircrafts equipment can be updated and modified easily and inexpensively when the time comes.

Garmin G500, Garmin GTN750, Garmin GTN650

Commander 114B Aspen Evo 1500 & EDM930

This modification was slightly different as in that the owner wanted to keep most of his current equipment, which included an Aspen Pro Evolution 1500 and Garmin GNS530 and GNS430. The aircraft wanted to upgrade his engine monitoring system, and decided to go with the JPI EDM930.

With the instrument panel already quite busy – we redesigned the aircraft instrument panel to accommodate the EDM930 as well as introduce some improvements to the panel at the same time. With the owners input, we came up with a layout that suited him, as ‘cleaning’ up the instrument panel as a whole too. We introduced Aspens flush mounts to include more of the bezel inside the panel (and thus allowing the owner to use control column lock once again on the P1 side) and evened out the P2 side of instruments to give a clean, sleek look.

This was also the first instrument panel we provided and applied custom vector placarding to, meaning it we had the ability to have decals and placards that are not only budget-friendly but look on par with when the aircraft left the factory.


  • King Air 90 owner
    King Air 90 owner
    I always choose ASG for handling in Guernsey, because they are very friendly, it feels like I’m coming home! Nothing is too much trouble and on the odd occasion my aircraft has maintenance issues whilst I’m there, the engineers are very quick to sort things out and get me on my way. Bravo ASG!
  • PA46 Malibu owner
    PA46 Malibu owner
    ASG are very experienced on all Piper models, they maintained my previous aircraft before I traded up to my latest Mirage. I always get clear, detailed reports on what work needs doing along with cost estimates, before I commit to the work being done, which gives me peace of mind and enables me to budget ahead.
  • Commander 114 owner
    Commander 114 owner
    ASG are easily the most experienced Commander maintenance company outside the USA. No wonder there are so many Commanders in their hangars when I visit them for maintenance – I simply would not trust anyone else with my aircraft, having used them for the last 5 annual inspections.
  • SR22T owner
    SR22T owner
    I flew my Cirrus from Europe to ASG in Guernsey to have the CAPS replaced because they have a good reputation for fast, efficient service. I was not disappointed as they completed the work in 2 days at a fixed price that I was very happy with.
  • SR22 owner
    SR22 owner
    I’ve had my Cirrus maintained by ASG for the past 4 years, since it was new and I’m always impressed with their detailed knowledge of the aircraft and it’s systems. ASG have really looked after me and my aircraft, which still looks as fresh as when it was built.


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